I’m a J‑school bred writer, and continue to keep one toe in it — which is to say, I have the luxury of writing only about subjects I truly care about. I started my writing career as the entertainment editor of The Uniter at the University of Winnipeg and as the comedy contributor for Uptown Magazine. My speciality continues to be comedy, with a focus on late night tv. 

I make for a good interviewee, too: I’ve talked about comedy for CBC Radio, NPR, Global News, The Guardian, and a long list of podcasts. 


Kurt Browning Always Jumps Back In

Figure-skating hero has walked away repeatedly, but you'll find him on the ice again.


Interview: Conan O’Brien Doubles Down on the Value of Pure Silliness

While the rest of the late-night world wades through the topical apocalypse, the veteran host continues to embrace his status as national clown.


The Kids in the Hall Aren’t Too Worried About P.C. Culture Ruining Comedy

Kevin McDonald and Bruce McCulloch talk a new book about their troupe and the current state of the industry.

VICE, 2018

An Oral History of Toronto's Comedy Bar

Comedy Bar marks 10 years of being Toronto’s comedy clubhouse. 


Political punchlines

Donald Trump may be a disaster for liberal democracy, but he’s a godsend for late-night TV comedy.

A.V.CLUB, 2016

The Late Show’s online engagement is missing one thing: Stephen Colbert

The show has ample opportunity to fix its lacklustre social media presence, without becoming a viral video factory.

Bears & Balls: The Colbert Report A‑Z

When Stephen Colbert announced the end of his Comedy Central show in 2014, Canadian media outlets immediately invited me to comment as an expert.

Once the thought crossed my mind that I should write a book, there was no shaking it. In seven months, my co-author and I wrote and annotated the book, and published it independently in time for the show's finale. 

The schedule was inhumane, but the end result was worth it. It remains one of my biggest professional challenges, and my proudest accomplishment as a writer.

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Third Beat Magazine

I launched Third Beat in 2008 as a source for comedy industry interviews, editorials, reviews, and photo essays of shows in Toronto and beyond. My original reporting was picked up by the likes of Entertainment Weekly and the Hollywood Reporter, with multiple pieces earning 100,000+ visits.

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