Paydown Calculator

Client: Citibank  //  Agency: Critical Mass // Date: 2018-2019 // Medium: Website, mobile app
The Team: Cecily Lo, Mark Rawlinson, Jasmine Tam, Sabrina Alaimo, Mike Chiu,
Yana Tzanov
My role: UX Copywriter

Critical Mass initiated this net-new project as a response to Citi’s need to educate customers about credit card debt and reduce the number of accounts going into arrears. 

The Paydown Calculator is a tool that helps you plan paying off your Citi credit card balance. Starting with your current balance, you choose the timeline you wish to pay it off on. You get reminders along the way, and prompts to re-set the plan if you spend more or go off track. 

My job was to guide users through this complex tool using succinct language, with a tone empathetic to customers experiencing significant debt issues — and ensure it met AAA-level accessibility standards. 

After a year of developing messaging alongside our UX designers, monitoring user testing, and even getting complex accessibility advice from my counterparts in Costa Rica, we deployed a product that pleased the heck out of our clients. 

Initial Flow Example
Re-Entry Example
Copy Deck Example