The Rec Room: COVID-19 

Client: Cineplex (In-House)  //  Date: 2020 // Medium: Digital, Signage, Website
The Team: Erikson Melton, Mike Spicer, Mike Lucas, Andrea Zadro, Carolina Sattie, Julia Dickinson, Jason Tennant, Zak Ashbee
Digital Campaign (social, programmatic)

The brief:
We're re-opening after COVID-19 shutdowns, and we want to encourage people to reunite. 

My response, when I presented this work:
"Every restaurant and amusement brand in North America has the same brief at the same time. How do we cut through?"

The thinking:
We don't need to convince people to reunite — if people aren't comfortable going out, nothing we say will sway them. We just have to convince the people who do want to go out to choose The Rec Room. What makes The Rec Room the best place to reunite is its three pillars (food, games, entertainment). Those happen to be the same three things people were forced enjoy only at home for months. 

The work:
It's our turn to host everything. Games night, drinks, and dinner are all at our place for a change, instead of yours. We leveraged Games Night as our primary message, and retargeted with Dinner and Drinks. 

Alternate versions without the word "Finally" would give the campaign a life beyond the initial few weeks of opening. Entertainment versions were planned for when events started up again (with more specific copy including, "the party's at…" and "karaoke night's at…").   

Alternate version to run once public excitement of mass re-openings subsided:

Service-Level Signage

No way around it: customers would be bombarded with safety messaging throughout the venue, to the tune of dozens of different messages. Clarity was important. But maintaining a fun, snappy tone of voice would get their attention. 

This was uncharted territory for some of our logistical changes. For example, the pool tables wouldn't have cues available next to them as usual. I needed to ensure the tent card explaining this wouldn't be mistaken for an out-of-service message, and be clear from a distance that the tables were ready to use. 

Website Landing Page

The Health and Safety landing page needed to efficiently communicate The Rec Room's safety procedures, re-opening approach, and specifics for the location the user had selected on the top nav.

Each location was different: different attractions offered, different number of phases, and different provincial laws. I worked with the UX team to decide how to best handle the content, and quickly assembled a single copy deck that accounted for all these differences using conditional copy. 

Click to view .pdf of the Winnipeg version.