Stagetimer app

Class Project:  UX Design, BrainStation   //   Date: November 2020

 As part of my classwork through BrainStation, I designed an app based on insights gained through my experience in the comedy industry.   


The Problem

Keeping a show running on schedule is important. Producers currently use multiple tools to run a show:

      • Stopwatch to track set times
      • Notes app (or a physical notebook) to manage the running order
      • Flashlight (on their phone or an old-school type) to signal to performers that their time is up. The combination is cumbersome, and data is difficult to track and save. 

What if an app
all these
tools into one interface?


The Product

The Stagetimer app makes it easier for live comedy producers to keep their shows running on schedule. It allows users to create and edit running orders, track the pacing of a show in real time, signal to performers that their time is up with just one touch, and summarizes results to help influence how they book and structure shows in the future.  


The Prototype

Play the video to view the two main flows that comprise the MVP.

The Process

I conducted user interviews and user tests, developed personas, designed the UI, and created sketches/wireframes/prototypes.


Insights: User Interviews

“I want to respect the venue. There’s always a show coming after, and I never ever want to take out of someone else’s time.”

“From an audience perspective, if the show drags, they’ll lose interest.”

“People will message you day-of and say ‘can I go up last’ or ‘can I go up first,’ and you react accordingly.”

“I kinda just keep notes in my head about reliability, or whether someone actually has a good 20 minutes like they claim. I wish I did a better job of collecting that info.”

Initial sketches/POP (flow 1):

User Flow (flow 1):

Wireframes (flow 1):

Designs (flows 1 and 2):


What’s next?

In 2021, I’ll continue fleshing out the flows and error states, and adjusting the UI. My priority will be creating a dark mode for the first flow, and adding states that accommodate longer lists of acts.

I believe this product is viable and can be usable in scenarios beyond its original focus of comedy. Ideally, I  would like to explore getting it developed.